Atelier Tour: Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co. Hatters

With perhaps the most Alice in Wonderland-type job title in the land, Jayed Vaghela, master hatter at Lock & Co., is in the midst of polishing a roughly 100-year old top hat when we enter the atelier

Lock & Co. Hatters

Jayed Vaghela using the conformateur to measure a client’s head size.

of the hat specialists. With proper care and up- keep, these hats can last a lifetime – and indeed they are passed on from generation to generation. This is after all, the hat shop responsible for lining Queen Elizabeth’s II. coronoation crown. A rather charming letter hanging on the wall reminds the debonair Oscar Wilde to pay his unsettled bill. Founded in 1676, their heritage dates back to Lord Nelson wearing his bi- corne into the Battle of Trafalgar. Among their other clients? Undertakers and school’s head boys. Weddings, Ascot and other events of the British summer season also necessitates a visit to the hat maker. For hard hats they use a wonderfully medieval-looking so called “conformateur” to professionally measure one’s head in a complimentary one-on-one appoint- ment. Two royal warrants attest their commitment to quality.

A Lock top hat should be a man‘s crowning glory. The summer season is studded with prestigious race day meets, tennis tournaments and garden parties. Lock & Co. has the hat for virtually every occasion.

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Lock & Co Hats Lock & Co Hats

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