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Which Hamptons Type Are You?

Hamptons: Tory Burch and Aerin Lauder

Are you more of a Tory Burch or Aerin Lauder? We’re capturing the spirit of the Hamptons.

Aix Coaster with Monogram by Julia B | Lente Short by Mario Luca Giusti | Colony Chair by Eichholtz | Milano Cutlery by Carl Mertens | My China Wunderkammer Plate by Sieger by Fürstenberg | Harcourt Vase by Eichholtz

Anjou Dinner Napkins by Julia B. | Pitcher Langeais by Lalique | 24 Flatware Mood Egg by Christofle | White Peonies by Fiori | Champagne Cooler by OA 1710

Chinoiserie Wall Charger | Harrison Chair | Chair Hallande | Vase Peninsula | Sofa Gaby, all by Eichholtz

Table Lamp Armand by Eichholtz | Rattan Sofa Foster by Eichholtz | Blue Drum Rope by Eichholtz | Blue Tray Table by G&C Interiors | Coral Table Lamp by G&C Interiors

Ilary Table by Poltrona Frau | Picture Frame by Rozet & Fischmeister | Table Lamp Savona by Eichholtz | Highball Set “Beluga” by Eichholtz | Purple Exotic Vandas by Fiori


Atelier Tour: Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co. Hatters

With perhaps the most Alice in Wonderland-type job title in the land, Jayed Vaghela, master hatter at Lock & Co., is in the midst of polishing a roughly 100-year old top hat when we enter the atelier

Lock & Co. Hatters

Jayed Vaghela using the conformateur to measure a client’s head size.

of the hat specialists. With proper care and up- keep, these hats can last a lifetime – and indeed they are passed on from generation to generation. This is after all, the hat shop responsible for lining Queen Elizabeth’s II. coronoation crown. A rather charming letter hanging on the wall reminds the debonair Oscar Wilde to pay his unsettled bill. Founded in 1676, their heritage dates back to Lord Nelson wearing his bi- corne into the Battle of Trafalgar. Among their other clients? Undertakers and school’s head boys. Weddings, Ascot and other events of the British summer season also necessitates a visit to the hat maker. For hard hats they use a wonderfully medieval-looking so called “conformateur” to professionally measure one’s head in a complimentary one-on-one appoint- ment. Two royal warrants attest their commitment to quality.

A Lock top hat should be a man‘s crowning glory. The summer season is studded with prestigious race day meets, tennis tournaments and garden parties. Lock & Co. has the hat for virtually every occasion.

Peruse our o ering of men’s and women’s hat online on BOULESSE.COM

Lock & Co Hats Lock & Co Hats


Pol Roger Polo Cup 2017 at Schloss Niederweiden

Pol Roger Polo winner

For the first time, BOULESSE had its very own polo team. Naturally, we decided to make a day of it spurring on our team. Attendees feasted on Argentinian asado and desserts by Le Salzgries all while sipping on Pol Roger. The polo players were rewarded with a champagne shower, an engraved plate by Jarosinski & Vaugoin, as well as a BOULESSE goodie bag decked out among others with delicious Miller Harris perfumes. A fun day all around!


Cake & Champagne

Fiori Wien Awon Golding Sophia Stolz

„A party without a cake is just a meeting,“ quipped Julia Child. So to celebrate the coming of spring we decided to have a small bash at our office – cake included. With a more than abundant flower installation thanks to the wonderful Fiori (who just opened their store in the Ringstraßen Galerien), a reserve of Pol Roger bubbly and delectable cakes by Sophia Stolz, we welcomed the influencer crowd to our abode overlooking the Schloss Belvedere. A beauty corner by Kussmund, glasses by Lobmeyr, plates by Augarten and forks by Jarosinski & Vaugoin closed out the offering. After a rich piece of cake & a couple of glasses of champagne, we couldn‘t let our guests leave without a small goodie bag. Our newest shop additions Assouline and teNeues were kind enough to gift coffee table books.


The Polo Darling: Meet Lady Carolina Beresford

Lady Carolina Beresford - Great Trippetts Farm Polo

WHO? Daughter of Lord Charles Beresford and María Teresa Donoso

WHAT? Polo TV Presenter & Journalist

WHERE? ESPN, The Daily Telegraph, Polo Chanel, PoloLine, GQ Mexico & Latin America

LIKES: Zero Waste Movement

MAKES: Her own deodorant & toothpaste – baking soda and coconut oil will do the trick

PLANS: On starting her own company to combat food waste

READ: History of Art with a study abroad in Florence

FLUENT: in English & Spanish

England – for it’s charm
Sotogrande, Andalusia – for polo by the beach Santiago
Chile – for a backdrop of the Andes
Argentinia – for the best polo in the world by far

We’re 1 1/2 hours outside of London at Great Trippetts Farm to meet Lady Carolina Beres- ford. The grassy sweep of the polo fields evoke a tantalizing sense of anticipation, where owner Clare Marchioness of Milford Haven has been kind enough to let us shoot Carolina together with her horse Gitana (“gypsy” in Spanish). Clare herself is a Jaeger-LeCoultre ambassador who every year hosts a warm-up tournament for High Goal teams playing in the Queens Cup and Gold Cup.

Lady Carolina Beresford - Lock & Co Hat

Sussex boater by Lock & Co. Hatters €230, Blazer by Amanda Wakeley and Earrings by Halcyon Days

“Polo was never a choice. It’s always been my life. My father and brother play, and my grand- parents on both side of the family also played,” Carolina lets us know. Her uncle was in fact the best polo player in Chilean history who won the Queen’s Cup, Gold Cup and Coronation Cup several times. If the polo scene isn’t something you tend to frequent, that’s a lot of polo events for you already, isn’t it?

As a TV presenter for ESPN and journalist for The Daily Telegraph amongst many other gigs (her CV of ‘ongoing’ jobs gives one a headache just reading it) it’s Carolina’s job to guide the champagne-sipping, hat-wearing crowd through the season. Though of course she laments the misconception of exclusivity outsiders have of polo. “One of the reasons I like watching polo in Argentinia is that the focus is purely on the sport. The environment is very down to earth; it is the authentic polo ex- perience.” Having grown up around the polo field in a somewhat nomadic childhood, it just made sense to use the knowledge of the game to her advantage. “I would attend the games anyway and being fluent in both major languages, English and Spanish, comes in handy.” It also doesn’t hurt that she’s friends with all

the players and thus has first-hand access to all the gossip. “If one of the players doesn’t want to do an interview, I just go over to their house to hang out and then they have to talk to me,” she laughs. Her neighbour in Argentina is Nacho Figueras, the “David Beckham of Polo” who might even be familiar to outsiders as one of the faces of Ralph Lauren. He’s famously compared polo to “playing golf in an earthquake”.

Lady Carolina Beresford - Lock & Co Hat

Sussex boater by Lock & Co. Hatters €230 Pave Evil Eye Earrrings by Halcyon Days €95 White Silk Scarf Blouse by Alex Eagle Studio €460

Though Carolina’s favorite player is, of course, her brother. “Polo keeps me in touch with my whole family, from my grandparents in Chile to my grandparents in Ireland.” With both sides of her family involved in Polo, “it always got a bit conflicting for my mother, when my father had to play against her brothers.” Naturally her parents met through polo, with her Chilean mother also playing national tournaments in the past. So why isn’t Carolina right there on the playing field swinging the stick? “I kind of regret it now, obviously, but when I was away at boarding school and only came home once a month I wasn’t exactly up for waking up at 6 in the morning to go practice polo,” she jokes.

Living in line with the biggest tournaments of the polo calendar, Carolina spents half her year in Argentinia and the other half in England. “So I tend to move from summer to summer.” Nevertheless she’s thinking about settling down in Argentina for good. Truly passionate about the zero waste lifestyle – from creating her own deodorant to making her own toothpaste – she would like to create a company to reduce food waste. But not to worry, she’s not planning on giving up polo – merely just adding another string to her bow.



Get The Style of London’s Biggest Influencer: Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella Woodward - Amanda Wakeley

Celebrated for her healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, Ella perfectly embodies the Wakeley Woman.

After being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in September 2011, Ella Woodward took up a whole food, plant-based diet, giving the love and attention that her body needed.

Using her blog,, she documented her journey, which has turned into an app, two books and a deli in Central London. Ella’s active and entrepreneurial lifestyle mirrors that of Amanda’s and embodies lifestyle luxury aesthetic…

What is most important to you when you create your recipes?

That it tastes delicious. Healthy eating is so often assumed to be bland and unsatisfying, and I’m on quite a mission to prove that isn’t the case! It’s just all about how you cook something, and I love finding new ways to bring our the flavours and textures of ingredients that I love.

When did you decide you wanted to open the Mae deli and how did you find the process of launching your own business?

We decided on the idea in May and opened in December, as we felt there was space in the market for a place that focused on nourishing food in a really accessible way. It’s been absolutely mad and totally non-stop, I’ve never worked this hard in my life, it’s really a 24/7 business at the moment and Matthew (my fiance and business partner) and I do everything from cleaning the loos to mopping the kitchen floor, building financial models and working the tills – it’s mad but really fun, I’m absolutely loving it.

What advice would give to someone who wanted to start their own business?

Be prepared for never ending to-do lists and quite a lot of stress! You feel a massive amount of pressure and responsibility, and things will inevitably go wrong everyday – I think it’s important to be prepared for that and not panic over every issue, although that’s easier said than done!

What do you know now that you wish you knew 3 years ago?

To live in the moment. I’ve been really learning a lot about gratitude and mindfulness at the moment; it’s making a massive difference to my outlook. Instead of focusing on the negatives, issues and to do lists I’m learning to focus on what I’m doing at that moment and appreciate it for what is it, and it’s making me so much happier!

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

You get back what you put in. My mum always used to say it to me and I really dismissed it, but now I totally understand what she was saying. The more time, effort, love and energy you put into anything the more you get out of it, I really feel that’s true in all aspects of life from relationships to work and even healthy living.

How does the way you dress impact how you feel?

I think it’s back to the same expression above, putting more effort into the way you dress and present yourself always makes you feel more confident. I find putting on something you feel great in and a little make up instantly boosts my self-confidence.

Describe your personal style…

uite laid back, my life is really busy and I’m often cooking or working in the deli, so I like practical clothes that look and feel great – amazing jeans or leggings, Amanda’s cosy cashmere jumpers and great black boots.

What makes great British style?

Confidence in your own choices and wearing what feels right for you.

Describe your typical “London Day”…

It’s hard to describe a typical day as everyday is so different. Some days I’ll be doing a press event or a book signing, and then I like to put on a lovely blazer and silk shirt, but then the next day I might be working at the deli so I’ll be wearing a boyfriend jumper and jeans or my dungarees!

Where are your favourite places in London?

I love the diversity of London so much; each area has a totally different character. Borough market is one of my favourite places; it has an amazing atmosphere and so much good food! I love the area around Westbourne Grove for slow weekends, just wondering around the shops and getting brunch, and then I love home, which is West London, – home is my absolute favourite place!

What does luxury mean to you?

Feeling spoilt and beautiful

You can shop her look on BOULESSE.

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